As one of the world’s most trusted premium meat producers, we process and export over 150,000 tonnes of meat and allied products annually. Beyond our highly sought-after quality grass-fed lamb and beef products, we also produce veal, mutton, goat, leather, hides, protein meals, tallow, wool and blood serums.

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Taste the Difference

New Zealand’s open-air, grass pastures, which enjoy clean rainfall and natural sunlight, lend themselves to producing the most trusted beef and lamb in the world. Our livestock are free of antibiotics and growth-promoting hormone treatments. The result is full-flavoured meat, enriched with essential vitamins Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E and Conjugate Lineloic Acid (CLA).

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Natural Beef

Our free-range, natural beef is 100 percent grass-fed and a source of nutrients to our diets. Our cattle are not grain-fed, free from antibiotics and growth hormones. This makes our beef some of the most natural, healthiest and leanest beef in the world.

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New Zealand Lamb

Our lamb graze on green, open pastures, with natural grass, hay or silage the feed of choice. The result is tender, nutritious and low-fat New Zealand lamb, which meets the highest international quality standards and is proudly exported to over 80 countries.

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Portion Controlled

A range of our further processed cuts can be produced as portion controlled packs to your exact specifications. Portion controlled beef and lamb steaks, stir fry, diced, mince and schnitzels can be produced in skin pack and thermoform packaging. Packaging can be labelled with the AFFCO brand or your own brand. 

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Tanning and Leather Products 

Two AFFCO sites specialise in fellmongery and tanning, treating skins and hides to produce the finest premium leather. Our leather is supplied to fashion, automobile, upholstery and aviation industries in New Zealand and around the world.

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Other Products 

AFFCO’s bovine blood serums are used by the pharmaceutical industry for making therapeutics, vaccinations and diagnostics. We produce protein meals, bone meal, tallow for soaps, cosmetics and biofuel, lamb casings for European sausages and slipe wools for carpet.

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RENCO Natural Enzymes

AFFCO's subsidiary company Renco New Zealand produce Rennet, Lipase and Pancreatin and natural plant food colour (annatto). RENCO NATURAL enzymes are globally recognised for their high quality and performance. RENCO have been in the industry for over 100 years.

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"Our team prides themselves on attention to detail and skill to bring you the finest grass-fed meat cuts."

Trevor, Plant Manager

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