AFFCO has been working with Kiwi farmers for over a hundred years. We’re committed to supporting our farmer suppliers with all their livestock sales needs for the next century.

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Proud to be Kiwi

At AFFCO we're Kiwi to the bone. We're part of the rural communities we work in. Our buyers are experienced stock handlers, who regularly visit their farmers to discuss new and emerging market trends, trade stock information and catch up on community life. 

New To Affco?

We’ll get you started on your AFFCO journey and help you enhance your business decisions. The first step is introducing you to an experienced AFFCO buyer in your region. They will meet with you to discuss all your needs, secure the best price for your stock, and take care of logistics.

Find a Livestock Buyer
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Need Advice?

Our dedicated livestock buyers are located in towns near you and offer a wealth of knowledge to help you make the best decisions for your business. Our friendly customer service team is just a phone call away to support you throughout.

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Stay Connected

The AFFCO app and the Farmer Portal is easy for you to download and use on your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Simply login to manage your data, budgeting, invoicing, planning and forecasting needs.

Affco User Guide


All you need to know about the Bobby Calf booking website introduced in 2023 and being used this season, with a name change.

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Logistics Made Easy

Our network of processing plants around New Zealand give you easy access to high quality local processing facilities. We have capacity to take care of your stock, innovative stock tracking solutions and high-tech systems to ensure your meat gets from farm to plate seamlessly.


Our farmer newsletter with market update information and news from AFFCO.


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Livestock Terms & Conditions

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