Processing Plant: AFFCO Manawatu

Campbell Road, Feilding, 4775
+64 6 323 4199
Export Number: ME 32
NAIT Number: 169059

AFFCO Manawatu originally started on the site in 1914, and since then has undergone a number of transformations, which have resulted in it retaining its position as a leading multishift beef processing plant.

The plant produces a full range of beef cuts, both chilled and frozen, together with the associated offals, suitable for all major markets throughout the world, including EU, North America, China, Malaysia, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. It is fully halal approved. It has facilities for the online x-ray measurement of chemical lean levels in each carton of bulk packed beef.

The rendering raw material is sent offsite to AFFCO Imlay to be rendered into feed meals and tallow. The hides are transported daily to the Napier tannery for processing into salted and wet blue forms for sale to Europe and Asia.