Free Range Icon Gold

Health and welfare are important to us and therefore 100 percent of AFFCO’s livestock are raised on clean, open pastures. New Zealand’s temperate climate provides optimal health conditions to support free range animals.

Grass Fed Icon Gold

Our livestock are raised in green pastures eating what is most natural to them – grass. Natural grass, hay or silage is the feed of choice for our cattle and sheep. AFFCO livestock are not grain-fed, making them some of the leanest, healthiest beef on the planet.

HGP Free Icon Gold

Our cattle are raised without being fed or dosed with artificial hormones that promote unnatural growth within the animal. This hormone growth promotant free stance gives our farmers, staff and our customers around the world reassurance that they and their children are not eating hormonally manipulated product.

No Antibiotics Icon Gold (1)

Our livestock undergo a minimum stand-down period of 60 days from any antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics are only used in selective cases where the health and well being of the animal necessitates it, and the stand-down period ensures there are no residual traces remaining in the meat. 

Halal Icon Gold

All AFFCO product that is labelled as Halal meets the strictest halal standards. We’ve been exporting to halal customers for decades.