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Investment in technology

We’ve been around for over one hundred years but we never sit still. Our ongoing investment in technology means we are continually improving our efficiency, staff well being and product quality.

Guardian Crop 2

Wellbeing and safety

Meat processing is a physical job and we are continually investing in technology to improve the health and wellbeing of staff. One example of this is the Palletising robot which reduces staff lifting heavy loads and repeat continuous movements required to load a pallet. The aich bone puller also assists with the once arduous job of deboning beef and is set at an ergonomic height for the operator. Another innovation that improves workplace safety is the the Guardian Bandsaw. The Guardian uses advanced vision detection to detect the operator’s blue gloves in 3D.If an operator gets too close to the blade it will come to a complete stop in milliseconds. This ensures the operator’s hand is protected from coming into contact with the moving blade.

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Further processing

Our custom built facilities allow us to process meat cuts to our customers’ exacting requirements for markets here and all over the world. Innovations in packaging, skilled staff and cutting edge machinery produce premium quality products.