AFFCOs bovine blood serums are recognised world wide for their purity and disease-free status and are an increasingly important by-product. The serums are used in the manufacture of therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics, as well as in international research projects.

Our meat, bone meal and dried blood are used as ingredients in feed formulation for the poultry industry.

Tallow is also produced on site to specific client requirements. Its main use is for soaps and cosmetics manufacturing.

Natural lamb and sheep casings are sought after by European buyers for sausages and other small goods. Consistent protein levels and high digestibility factors ensure the products meet our customers strict requirements. 

We produce slipe wool for the carpet industry, although some of our finer wools are also used in the garment industry.

We have four plants located within our processing sites, producing fresh meat and bone meal, dried blood and tallow.

All plants are ISO 9002 certified, with Imlay in Wanganui, also being ISO 14001 certified.

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