The AFFCO Select lamb accreditation programme is designed to meet the demands of the world’s premier supermarket groups and their consumers. The AFFCO Select programme provides full customer compliance including traceability from the farm gate to the consumers plate ensuring the delivered product meets the highest of international standards. 

In return for meeting these exacting standards, the AFFCO Select lamb producers will have access to the world’s most discerning consumers, and your participation in this programme will enable maximum value to be obtained from the market place.

The fundamentals of the programme require compliance to the five freedoms of recognised international animal welfare standards;

  1. Freedom from Fear and Distress 
  2. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst 
  3. Freedom from Pain and Disease 
  4. Freedom from Thermal Discomfort 
  5. Freedom to express Normal Behaviour 

Your AFFCO Buyer in conjunction with Asure Quality Limited will work with you through an audit process to continue to ensure your farm and subsequently your livestock reach these standards.

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