AFFCO partnered with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) in 2014 to establish an energy management programme across its nine North Island sites and two South Island sites. AFFCO contracted a leading energy and carbon management specialist, Emsol, to support its programme.

AFFCO’s energy management programme has involved producing annual energy management plans and establishing energy teams at each of its sites. These energy teams consist of management, engineering, and production staff members who meet on a monthly basis to review energy use and discuss opportunities to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Monitoring and reporting energy use has been an important aspect of AFFCO’s energy management programme. With the support of Emsol’s Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals, AFFCO developed energy baselines to record energy and carbon savings to the standard of a recognized international protocol (IPMVP).

By June 2016, AFFCO had reduced its annual energy consumption by 13.6GWh and had reduced its carbon emissions by 2,700 tonnes per year. To build on this momentum, AFFCO contracted Emsol to carry out in-depth energy audits of its process, heat and refrigeration systems. These identified further opportunities, many of which have now been implemented.

By June 2018, AFFCO had reduced its annual energy consumption by a further 27.5GWh, bringing its total savings to 41.1GWh per year. Furthermore, AFFCO’s annual carbon emissions reduced by a further 6,300 tonnes, bringing its total carbon savings to 9,000 tonnes annually.

Energy and carbon management has become an ingrained part of AFFCO’s culture. New opportunities to save energy and carbon continue to be identified and implemented. AFFCO has installed energy sub-meters and has a dedicated software package for monitoring energy consumption to ensure energy saving targets continue to be met or exceeded.